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General Purpose Trailers

The majority of General Purpose Trailers (Home, Yard, Car, Builders and the like), share the same undercarriage componentry with many Caravans and Camper Trailers. Unlike Caravans General Trailers are not regularly serviced in particular in the area of lights, suspensions, wheel bearings and brakes however there’s a great deal more to check than just these points, General Trailers have a tendency to crack the chassis or sub structures due to overloading and sustained abuse. Trailers over 2 tonne capacity also require “break away” independent brake system's and this also requires maintenance to ensure it is operative in an emergency situationwhere the trailer disengages from the tow vehicle.

Our Services Include

  • Complete undercarriage Service that includes suspension, wheel bearings and seals, brakes, shock absorbers, axles, chassis examination, couplings, A frame and rims and tyres.
  • Above Chassis line, we also check trailer wiring from the vehicle connector to the rear lights.
  • Check and adjust hand brake if fitted.
  • We can delete your older hydraulic or mechanical override brakes and upgrade to electric controlled brakes.
  • We can also add AL–KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to most Electric Brake systems.
  • We are an Authorised Dexter Sway Control ( DSC ) fitter.
  • We also upgrade trailer lights from incandescent globe to LED low voltage systems.
  • We can install “Break Away “ Brakes systems to Trailers exceeding 2 Tonne Gross.
  • We can also install 12v battery systems, chargers and provide portable or fixed solar panels.
  • We also supply ad install axillary boxes internally and externally.
  • We can also supply and install Jerry can holders for additional wator or fuel.
  • We can also assist with insurance claims should you habe cause to claim or another party has damaged your Trailer.


The RV Repair Centre team has extensive experience with servicing all types of single, tandem and tri axle general purpose trailers. Our workshop with 8 Bays is equipped with all the gear required to service, overhaul and repair your trailer.