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The RV Repair Centre is committed to assisting customers with all of their Insurance / repair needs. We hope the following FAQ information guide below will be of benefit to you, send us an email or just give us a call should you require any additional information.


  • Can the RV Repair Centre assess a Caravan, Camper, Motor Home and the like and send the quote to my Insurance company or broker? Yes, in fact any Recreation Vehicle that is registered and insured can be assessed and the quote emailed to your Insurance company or Broker on your behalf.
  • Can The RV Repair Centre assess and professionally repair any Brand of Recreational Vehicle? Yes, including all Australian manufactured & fully imported European and USA Recreational Vehicles also.
  • When can The RV Repair Centre assess my storm damage? Just call 03 9761 4189 to make a booking.
  • Will it take long to assess the storm damage? Generally it takes around 30 – 40 minutes to take images of the damage and collate the information required for the Insurance companies. There is no need to unhook your Caravan or Camper etc from the tow vehicle.
  • Do I need to have the Insurance companies claim number / reference number when you assess the damage? Yes, we would prefer that you have made contact with your Insurance company or Broker and that you have received a claim / reference number so we can attach this to the quote for repair.
  • How long does it take for the Insurance company to approve the quote prepared by The RV Repair Centre? We are not in a position to answer this question accurately, however what we can say is that the majority of Insurance companies process claims within a reasonable timeframe.
  • What’s the next step when the claim has been accepted? The RV Repair Centre will work with you to arrange a suitable time to repair the damage. There is no immediate requirement to repair the damage from the Insurance companies perspective. The RV Repair Centre may prioritize customers with seriously damaged RV’s that are exposed to the elements and we seek your patience with this.
  • Can I use my RV for holidays if The RV Repair Centre has completed their assessment and an Insurance claim number has been issued? The short answer is Yes, provided your RV isn’t exposed to the elements of potential water ingress from damaged roof hatches and the like. And its Roadworthy and safe to tow or drive
  • And further to the point above, what if I have been advised that my claim has been accepted to repair my RV, can I use my RV between this time and when its been booked to carry out the repair. In short Yes, provided your RV isn’t exposed to the elements of potential water ingress from damaged roof hatches for example and the like. And its Roadworthy and safe to tow or drive.
  • And furthermore to the points above. If my RV has sustained panel damage including the roof hatch / Air Conditioning cover damage or other storm damage that has the potential for water to enter the interior, can The RV Repair Centre just attend to these items before repairing the panel damage? In some cases Yes. We can attend to these items quickly provided the components are available. We will advise you of any alternatives should this arise.
  • How long will it take to repair the RV once the approval has been granted? The RV Repair Centre will discuss a suitable time with you including commitments you may have relating to your next holiday. Generally it may take up to 3 – 4 weeks to repair your RV. This is governed also by the availability of all components, if there are any time delays we will advise you.
  • Does The RV Repair Centre carry out the storm damage repair(s) or are they sub contracted to other repairers? The RV Repair Centre has experienced staff to repair your damaged RV and all this is carried out in two dedicated factories located at the rear of 120 Canterbury Road Bayswater Nth.
  • If your RV is not Insured can the RV Repair Centre assist you? Yes, we can discuss with you options to keep your RV on the road and protect/repair areas that are exposed to the elements.

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